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Dr. Mom blog explores physical symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety Can Cause Physical Symptoms

In my medical practice, I often have patients wondering if they have anxiety.  I also have many patients that come with a variety of symptoms, whom are surprised to find that the cause of these symptoms are sometimes signs of anxiety.  Anxiety is a normal human phenomenon that everybody experiences, but some people experience anxiety

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Guest Post: What is Delayed Cord Clamping and Why do we do it?

The first few minutes after your baby is born is a whirlwind of emotions. While you are focused on your beautiful newborn, your healthcare team is busy taking steps to optimize your child’s health for months to come.  After your baby is born, they are still connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is

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I’m Pregnant and Constipated, What Can I do About it?

Constipation in Pregnancy Constipation is yet another uncomfortable symptom that is very common in pregnancy. We can blame our hormones for this one too.  Progesterone circulates at an all time high during pregnancy and plays a major role in bloating and constipation.   How do hormones cause constipation? Progesterone slows down the motility of the intestines.  This means

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Guest Post: How To Survive The Stress Of The Christmas Season

Every year in December when the first signs of Christmas arise, the minds of many people fill with excitement, warmth and anticipation.  Daydreams about festive activities, recipes to try, decorating, new family traditions, connecting with loved ones, & smiles.  Images of family opening gifts with appreciation around the tree after sitting at the table enjoying plates of

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Folic Acid for Pregnancy: Do I Really Need it?

With all the appointments and tests that occur during pregnancy, it’s hard to keep track of everything and easy to question, “Is all of this really necessary?” One question that patients have asked me is “Do I Really Need Folic Acid for Pregnancy?” The answer is YES! Folic acid is a B vitamin that is

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Eczema in Children

Eczema is a skin condition where inflammation causes the skin to be dry, crust, crack, and ooze. Eczema can often get worse in the winter because the cold winter air can further dry out the skin. It is common, and can affect up to 1 in 5 children. What causes eczema? The cause of eczema is

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Guest Post: Perinatal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Anxiety can be a common experience among new parents. Some anxiety is normal and as long as it is not impairing your functioning and is short-lived, it is nothing to be alarmed by. Anxiety disorders on the other hand are ongoing, interfere with your quality of life and your functioning.  Maternal mental health has been

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Postpartum Pelvic Floor Health

Childbirth is an incredible physical accomplishment for the female body! Women work hard to grow, carry and birth their babies and approximately 1 in 4 women experience pelvic floor symptoms because of it. In a vaginal birth, the work of pushing brings the baby down from the uterus, through the vaginal opening in the pelvic

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Breast Changes Postpartum

There is a common misconception that women who breastfeed their babies will have adverse changes to the appearance of their breasts once they wean breastfeeding.  It can actually be a common reason why women choose not to breastfeed their infants.   Surprisingly, it isn’t the act of breastfeeding at all that changes the appearance of your breasts.  It is actually the changes in

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