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The health benefits of coffee.

When I was going through my undergraduate training – I would have 3 cups of coffee per day. My mom and my relatives kept telling me to cut back on my caffeine consumption, but never really told me why. “Its not good for you!” they would say, but what does the evidence say? What are

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Setting Boundaries and Encouraging Healthy Relationships

I’m sure everybody out there has a friend or family member with whom they just can’t see eye-to-eye with, and that relationship seems more like a battle than one of support.  Co-existing with a person like this means that you are (likely) going to have to be around them.  Boundaries are key when dealing with

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Toxic Family Member? What to Know and How to Deal.

If you have a member of your family who causes you to feel like you are walking on eggshells with, you often feel stressed, frustrated, or emotionally drained, this might be a sign that you are dealing with someone who has a very strong personality.   It can be difficult when this person like is a

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Guest post: Can You Exercise When Your Pregnant?

In so many ways, Motherhood starts in pregnancy. From the moment we learn about our pregnancies, we prioritize our own health for the benefit of our babies, such as taking prenatal vitamins, avoiding certain foods, and choosing an appropriate prenatal pregnancy exercise plan. Because pregnancy is such a unique period in a woman’s life, with

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Build Strong Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis with these Easy Tips

As we age, our bone density naturally changes, putting us more at risk for osteoporosis, making bones more brittle, weak, and increased risk for fractures and breaks.  Building strong bones is especially important for women because it affects women almost 5x more than men!  Osteoporosis increases as women age because of the female biology after

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