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Why Do We Need Vitamin B12?

What is vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a vitamin that plays a crucial role in the synthesis of our genes (DNA and RNA).  Vitamin B12 is very important for our body’s cells to function normally, particularly for red blood cell formation and for neurons (the cells in our nervous system).   Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause serious

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Is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Stephanie Liu, University of Alberta; Erin Manchuk, University of Alberta, and Shannon Ruzycki, University of Calgary Is it safe to drink alcohol and breastfeed? As physicians, we have always cautioned patients not to. As mothers, we look forward to the occasional glass of wine. We also know that drinking while breastfeeding remains a controversial and

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Quick, Easy and Nutritious Snacks

After having Madi I found it hard to find time to make myself nutritious snacks. The easiest things to grab are the pre-packaged processed snacks. I was never into meal prepping before I had Madi; I liked cooking fresh meals and snacks when I got got home from work or at the start of my

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