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Constipation in Children

I struggled with constipation as a toddler. Constipation is a very common problem in childhood and is a frequent reason children see the doctor. In majority of children with constipation, there is no medical cause identified, and is called functional constipation. Your doctor will diagnose constipation based on the history of symptoms, physical examination of your child

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Diapering Tips

Despite caring for infants for years as a family physician, when I had my daughter Madi, I had no idea how to change her diaper. The first time I put on her diaper, I put it on backwards and I really didn’t know what to look for when it came to features. Fortunately, with the

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What to do About Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash, or diaper dermatitis, is common and often occurs in the first year of life.  In fact, both of my children had diaper rashes during their first month of life – fortunately, their diaper rashes resolved quickly! Most cases of rash in the diaper area is due to irritants to the skin and can often

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To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?

Male circumcision is defined as the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin is the retractable roll of skin the covers the end of the penis (glans). There are many factors that influence a parent’s decision to circumcise their infant including the father’s circumcision status, opinions of family and friends, religious or

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