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Tips for flying with a toddler

Our family has started travelling again as restrictions have loosened and here are some tips I found useful on our most recent trip to Vancouver.

  1. Sanitizing – Once we arrive on the plane I wipe down our seats and the tray table with a sanitizing wipe and the kids hands. I also make sure to have an easily accessible hand sanitizer for the flight in the case that the kids drop a toy and to use before they have a snack.
  2. Dress comfortably – George wears a comfy shirt and pants that are easy for a quick diaper change. I also make sure to have an easily accessible change of clothes in the case of a poop explosion. I wear runners whenever travelling with my kids as the walks through airports can be long and I often need to carry George.
  3. Timing Your Toddlers Naps Around Flights – Book a flight either after nap time or during nap time. If possible, try to avoid letting George get overtired when going through security or customs. George takes 1 nap a day (noon to 2/230pm) and I try to schedule the flights so that we arrive at the airport either before nap time so she can sleep on the flight, or after her nap time so she is rested for our first flight.
  4. Keep Your Toddler Busy And Occupy Their Time When Flying With A Toddler – Bring entertainment. George likes drawing/colouring, books and toys. I try to pack the highest yield materials that don’t take up much space but can provide the most hours of entertainment. I bring a pen, a small pad of paper, 1 book (her favourite one – we can point out colours, and play “I spy” with the book), a few of his favourite figurines and an iPad or phone. I try to keep George entertained as long as I can and once he hits the wall with boredom I pull out the phone or iPad. I make sure to download a few educational games and Netflix kids shows.
  5. Bring Snacks – I pack their snacks into little baggies so they are easy to find on the flight and I can throw the garbage back in the baggies to avoid making a big mess on the plane. I also bring fruit that is easy to eat on the plane like oranges and apples. To make flights special I bring special treats that the kids get on special occasions like kinder surprise eggs or gummies!
  6. Before Flying With A Toddler, Get Them Up And Moving Before The Flight – I try my best to let George burn some energy before the flight. In the airport I try to find a children’s play area or an open space to let George run around so he can burn off some energy and will be ready to sit for a few hours or take a nap.

This post was co-authored by Stephanie Liu, MD, MSc, CCFP, BHSc and Erin Manchuk, BScPharm, BCGP. 

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