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Do Probiotics Help for Colic?

Caring for a newborn is hard work but we’ve been lucky enough to not have experienced colic with our son George. Colic is a very hard thing to go through, so next time you feel like your baby may be suffering from it please bring them in to see an expert and talk about what

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How Much Sleep do Babies, Children, Teenagers and Adults Need?

Sleep is important for our overall health, it allows our body and mind to recharge. The amount of sleep that we need changes throughout our lifetime. The National Sleep Foundation has established guidelines for how much sleep babies, toddlers, adolescents and adults should sleep. These are the suggested total sleep requirements by the National Sleep Foundation:

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Dr. Mom blog explores Relaxation techniques for sleep to help with trouble falling asleep

Trouble Sleeping? Relaxation Techniques For Sleep

In my family medicine practice, I often see patients that have trouble sleeping.  Particularly difficulty falling asleep.  In medicine, this is known as “initial insomnia”. I recommend a proper sleep hygiene routine to all my patients that are suffering from poor quality sleep.  But I also talk with them about relaxation techniques for sleep. Trouble

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Learn More About the 6 Signs of Coffee Withdrawal

When consumed in moderation, caffeine is safe and even has some health benefits. But because caffeine is psychoactive, the brain can develop a tolerance and physiological dependence in some people who consume large amounts.  Current medical evidence supports that caffeine withdrawal symptoms can occur when stopping the use of caffeine after heavy and prolonged use. Cutting back or stopping

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Dr. Mom blog explores physical symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety Can Cause Physical Symptoms

In my medical practice, I often have patients wondering if they have anxiety.  I also have many patients that come with a variety of symptoms, whom are surprised to find that the cause of these symptoms are sometimes signs of anxiety.  Anxiety is a normal human phenomenon that everybody experiences, but some people experience anxiety

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Guest Post: How To Survive The Stress Of The Christmas Season

Every year in December when the first signs of Christmas arise, the minds of many people fill with excitement, warmth and anticipation.  Daydreams about festive activities, recipes to try, decorating, new family traditions, connecting with loved ones, & smiles.  Images of family opening gifts with appreciation around the tree after sitting at the table enjoying plates of

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Guest Post: Perinatal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Anxiety can be a common experience among new parents. Some anxiety is normal and as long as it is not impairing your functioning and is short-lived, it is nothing to be alarmed by. Anxiety disorders on the other hand are ongoing, interfere with your quality of life and your functioning.  Maternal mental health has been

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What is Sleep Hygiene and How do you Practice it?

The past three months have been stressful since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.  As a result, many people have been struggling with sleep. One for the first things I discuss with people who struggle with sleep is their sleep hygiene.  Sleep hygiene is a set of actions prior to bedtime that tend to improve and maintain

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