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Should We Use Soothers (Pacifiers) For Infants?

Before I became a mother, I did not realize how attached an infant can be to their soother. Madi loved her soother, and we lovingly nicknamed it “soo-soo.” Madi would reach for her “soo-soo,” call out for it, and we always make sure we had it in her diaper bag. Then one day, at around

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What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common neurodevelopment disorder among children and teens. ADHD used to be called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) but this is now outdated terminology.  ADHD is very common.  It is estimated that ADHD affects about 3.4% of children worldwide.  However the prevalence ranges across studies anywhere from 2-18% depending on the population

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Guest Post: Understanding and Responding to Biting Toddlers

Biting is a common phase many toddlers go through. It does not mean that your toddler is going to have behavioural problems in the future or that you, as a parent, are doing something wrong. However, it is an important behaviour to address immediately when it starts to happen.  Understand the ‘why’?  First, it is

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Guest Post: Preparing Your Older Child for a New Baby

Our daughter Madi has been the center of my husband’s and my life since the day she was born. Our family, friends and nanny have commented about the significant adjustment that Madi will have once our baby boy arrives. I asked a friend and colleague Dr. Sarah Nunes, who is a mother of 4 and

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Guest post: Temper Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Anxiety

The terms “tantrum,” “meltdown,” and “anxiety” are often used interchangeably however, they are actually all different terms used to describe different behaviours.  As I’ve talked about in previous posts, it is so important to understand where your child’s behaviour is coming from. Understanding this will help you immensely when determining how to deal with it.

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Is All Screen Time The Same?

Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, our family has been watching a lot more television while we do our part in social distancing and staying at home.  For children ages 3-5, the recommended screen time is 1 hour or less per day by the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) and the American Academy of

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