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A Step by Step Guide of how to sleep train

Sleep training is a personal choice and there are many happy thriving families that do not sleep train. My husband and I decided to sleep train our daughter Madi after 11 months of interrupted sleep. What is important to know before you start sleep-training, is that you need a consistent bed-time and nap routine first.

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Nightmares in Toddlers

Two years ago for an entire week, Madi has woken up suddenly in the middle of the night from nightmares. She is in tears and terrified of the spooky monsters running around her room.  To calm her down, I would end up cuddling her and sleeping with her in her bed. This left me exhausted as

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How Much Sleep do Babies, Children, Teenagers and Adults Need?

Sleep is important for our overall health, it allows our body and mind to recharge. The amount of sleep that we need changes throughout our lifetime. The National Sleep Foundation has established guidelines for how much sleep babies, toddlers, adolescents and adults should sleep. These are the suggested total sleep requirements by the National Sleep Foundation:

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How Does Shift Work Affect Circadian Rhythm? How Can Sleep Hygiene Help?

Our bodies have an intrinsic timekeeping system that regulates sleep, wakefulness and other systems such as temperature, appetite and hormone levels. This built-in system is called the circadian rhythm.  For most people the circadian rhythm drives wakefulness during the daytime and promotes sleep at nighttime. This is because the biggest environmental contributor to sleep-wake cycles

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Dr. Mom blog explores Relaxation techniques for sleep to help with trouble falling asleep

Trouble Sleeping? Relaxation Techniques For Sleep

In my family medicine practice, I often see patients that have trouble sleeping.  Particularly difficulty falling asleep.  In medicine, this is known as “initial insomnia”. I recommend a proper sleep hygiene routine to all my patients that are suffering from poor quality sleep.  But I also talk with them about relaxation techniques for sleep. Trouble

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What to Know Before You Start Baby Sleep Training?

I think most parents have been frustrated at some point in time when it comes to baby sleep. There are many sleep-training methods out there. Choosing “the best” sleep-training method can be confusing. I know when I was sleep-training Madi and George – implementing the sleep-training techniques turned out to be more difficult than I

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What are the Different Sleep Training Methods?

There are many methods of how to sleep train a baby. Modified Extinction, Unmodified extinction, and the Ferber method are all popular method of sleep training that involve systematic ignoring in children. I have tried a few of these methods, and wanted to share my personal experience in my journey on how we sleep trained

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What is Kangaroo Care (Skin to Skin)? What are the Benefits?

Those first moments, when your newborn baby is placed on your chest, is an unforgettable moment. Skin-to-skin contact is not only for satisfying a mother’s desire to bond with their newborn baby, but has also been shown to have significant positive effects on a baby’s health and breastfeeding. By definition, skin-to-skin contact is when a baby

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