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Transitioning From Two to One Nap Per Day

I struggled figuring out nap time, and once I had nap time under control the next challenge was transitioning from two to one naps per day. Madi transitioned from two naps to one nap per day when she was 15 months old. George is 14 months old and continues to fluctuate from two to one

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What is Sleep Hygiene and How do you Practice it?

The past three months have been stressful since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.  As a result, many people have been struggling with sleep. One for the first things I discuss with people who struggle with sleep is their sleep hygiene.  Sleep hygiene is a set of actions prior to bedtime that tend to improve and maintain

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Common Sleep Myths

Sleep Myth #1: My anxiety will get better if I just get more sleep.  Fact: Anxiety and sleep deprivation can go hand-in-hand.  Generally speaking, anxiety is worsened by poor sleep, and sleep problems are worsened by anxiety.   The two are not mutually exclusive.  If you suffer from anxiety, seeing your doctor and a psychologist to

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Why Sleep Training Will Not Hurt Your Child

Throughout my medical training, I thought putting an infant to sleep was as simple as putting them down in a bassinet or a crib. When parents approached me complaining of how difficult it was to get their infant to sleep, I would think to myself, “put them down and that’s that!”  After my daughter Madi

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Dr. Mom blog explores melatonin pills and melatonin for sleep in children.

Over-the-counter melatonin for sleep in children

Remember when you brought your newborn baby home from the hospital and she slept during the day but was awake all night?  One of the first things we do as new parents is to start trying to help our babies shift their sleep and wake times (circadian rhythms) to match our own.  Baby sleep is

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Dr. Mom blog explores baby sleep and travel.

Baby sleep and travel: how to adjust

For the past 6 months I have been travelling with my toddler Madi between Edmonton and Atlanta (We live in Atlanta for 4 weeks and then I work in Edmonton for 2 weeks at a time). What I learned is that travelling and time changes can affect your babies sleep. Even a 2 hour time

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Sleep Training Baby: what to do and how?

Sleep training baby is tough! As a physician I tell patient’s that it is safe to sleep train starting at 4-6 months as long as the infant has no concerns with growth and development. I only started sleep training Madi at 11 months event though I knew it was safe to start earlier. I knew it was

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Dr. Mom explores nap time and how to transition to one nap with your toddler.

Nap time: how to transition to one nap

I know many of you Mama’s out there have struggled with your toddlers nap time, timing your toddlers nap, and consolidating your toddlers naps. I wasn’t able to find a medical journal or sleep article explaining how to transition to one nap per day from two naps per day. But I think it is a

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