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Prenatal appointments: when to see a doctor when pregnant.

Attending your prenatal appointments and going for prenatal ultrasounds and blood-work is a LOT of work! I learned that when I went through my pregnancy. Even as a health care professional, I sometimes got confused on when to attend my visits and almost forgot to go for my gestational diabetes screen! As a physician, my patients often get confused as to when to see a doctor when pregnant.  In clinic when I do my prenatal visits, I often have a little cheat sheet to remind me of the frequency of visits and tests that are offered during that stage in pregnancy.
This cheat sheet helps me ensure that my patients get offered all appropriate prenatal tests and also reminds me when they need to return to clinic. I would often refer to this cheat sheet when I was going through my pregnancy. Here is a modified prettier version of my cheat sheet that was made by one of my amazing medical students Megan Crosby. Hope you find it helpful!

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