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Constipation in Children

I struggled with constipation as a toddler. Constipation is a very common problem in childhood and is a frequent reason children see the doctor. In majority of children with constipation, there is no medical cause identified, and is called functional constipation. Your doctor will diagnose constipation based on the history of symptoms, physical examination of your child

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Myths about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Children

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD, or Autism) is a disorder that begins in the child developmental period.  Its hallmark is problems with of social communication, social interaction, repetitive behaviours, and restrictive interests. The disorder affects every child differently.  Some children have mild difficulties in social interactions, which was formerly known as “Aspergers Disorder.” Other children may

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When Should I Give my Baby Peanuts?

Introducing solid foods to your baby’s diet is an exciting time for many parents.  But with that also comes some worries about potential food allergies.  Some foods are a higher risk for allergies than others.  Peanuts, milk and eggs are some of the more common culprits. Before starting medical school, I remember being told by relatives that we

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How Does Shift Work Affect Circadian Rhythm? How Can Sleep Hygiene Help?

Our bodies have an intrinsic timekeeping system that regulates sleep, wakefulness and other systems such as temperature, appetite and hormone levels. This built-in system is called the circadian rhythm.  For most people the circadian rhythm drives wakefulness during the daytime and promotes sleep at nighttime. This is because the biggest environmental contributor to sleep-wake cycles

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Breastfeeding and Plugged Ducts

Plugged milk ducts can be an uncomfortable complication of breastfeeding.  It is estimated that up to two-thirds of breastfeeding women experience a plugged milk duct at some point.  A plugged milk duct is a small area of breast tissue that does not drain milk adequately and causes swelling.  How Do I Know If I Have A Plugged Milk Duct? A plugged

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Essential Oils and Babies

Essential oils are widely used for a variety of reasons.  Some people use them for everyday wellness, while others just enjoy their smell.  Whatever your reason is for using essential oils, it is important to know about their proper use and safety.   This is especially important when considering using essential oils in the pediatric population.   What Are

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Dressing Your Baby or Child for Winter

Outside time and play is important for everyone!  Whether it is a winter walk, or an activity like skating or sledding, there are plenty of activities to be had during the long Canadian winters.   But getting outside in the winter is more challenging with the inclement weather, and proper clothing is important to protect everyone so

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Screen Time and Young Children

When I was a child, our television was always on.  My parents allowed my brother and I to watch television as much as we wanted.  I remember wondering why some of my friends had restrictions on how much television they could watch. As a family physician, I advise parents to follow recommendations set out by the Canadian Paediatric

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Dr. Mom blog explores Relaxation techniques for sleep to help with trouble falling asleep

Trouble Sleeping? Relaxation Techniques For Sleep

In my family medicine practice, I often see patients that have trouble sleeping.  Particularly difficulty falling asleep.  In medicine, this is known as “initial insomnia”. I recommend a proper sleep hygiene routine to all my patients that are suffering from poor quality sleep.  But I also talk with them about relaxation techniques for sleep. Trouble

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