Dr. Mom blog explores Travelling with a Toddler on a Weekend Trip – What to Bring?

The first time I went travelling with Madi was from Edmonton to Vancouver when Madi was just 1 month old. We were going to visit my parents for the weekend, leaving Friday early evening and returning Sunday evening. I was so nervous flying with her and packed a large suitcase AND  a small carry-on for her. I normally take at most 30 minutes to pack for myself for any business trip or vacation, but for my first flight with Madi it took me a full day to make a list of things to pack and then fit all of the stuff into her suitcase. I thought some tips for travelling with a toddler on a weekend trip might be helpful!

If you are worried about how to prepare for flying with a toddler, check out my other post here.

For my first weekend trip with Madi, I realized I completely overpacked and brought many things I didn’t even end up using. Afterwards, I was able to streamline my packing and this is what I brought for Madi on all subsequent  weekend trips.

  1. Baby carrier: this was essential for moving around the airport. I loved wearing a baby carrier because it was light, easy to store on the plane, and my hands were free. If it’s a short trip, I don’t think you need to bring a stroller unless you know you will be using it.
  2. Baby bottles: 2 bottles were more than enough for a weekend trip, we just had to make sure there was soap and water around to clean them. Our first trip we took 5 bottles which was definitely overkill.
  3. 5 sleepers and 5 onesies and 1 “fancy outfit” – I don’t like doing laundry on vacation and babies dirty their outfits so often, I just packed a bunch.
  4. 1 pair of shoes – A pair of baby shoes goes with pretty much everything
  5. Breastfeeding materials (if you’re breastfeeding): breastfeeding cover, breast pump, etc.
  6. Car seat: we only brought the car seat and not the base.
  7. Blanket: this also functioned as a jacket for Madi when it was cold outside.
  8. Soother: if your infant uses it, of course.

Every-time I fly with Madi I’m so nervous about her sleep and napping because I know when she is sleep deprived she can get so grumpy. We often fly between Atlanta and Edmonton, which is only a 2 hour time difference, but the effect on Madi’s sleep can be huge. Check out my other post about how to help your toddler adjust to a time change when travelling for more info.

This post was co-authored by  Stephanie Liu, MD, MSc, CCFP, BHSc. and Suzanne Black, MD, BSc

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